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2017-18 Statewide Child Advocacy Centers Collaborative Database (CX) Program RFAThe purpose of the CX Program is to provide funding to CALICO so they can purchase software and licenses for Child Advocacy Centers (CAC) throughout California. The software will be used by the CACs for data collection and case management to help improve the ability for CACs to repond to and identify patterns of child abuse cases.Children's Programs$186,000194
2017-18 Child Sexual Abuse Treatment (CS) Program RFPThe CS Program funds local government agencies and non-profit organizations to provide comprehensive treatment services to children under the age of 18 who have been victimized by sexual abuse and/or sexual exploitation. Services to appropriate, non-offending family members may be provided as support services to help in the child’s recovery. Children's Programs$180,000192
2017-18 Children Exposed to Domestic Violence Response (EV) Program RFPThe purpose of the EV Program is to fund agencies to build a multi-disciplinary team for the purpose of responding to the needs of children exposed to domestic violence. This team will include elements from each of the agencies involved in providing services to children exposed to domestic violence and will be tasked with ensuring response, developing protocols, and fostering collaborative dialogue.Children's Programs$525,000193
2017-18 Training on Prosecution of Physical and Sexual Abuse of Children (PX) Program RFAThe purpose of the PX Program is to provide training for county counsels and criminal prosecutors regarding prosecution of child physical and sexual abuse cases. Children's Programs$65,000191
2017-18 California Children's Justice Act Evaluator (CJ) Program RFAThe purpose of the CJ Program is to develop assessments/tools to assist with meeting goals, recommendations, and identifying needs or gaps that may be addressed or supported by Children’s Justice Act (CJA) programs and funds. Children's Programs$95,000190

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