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The Reimbursement section is responsible for the administration of the terms and conditions prescribed under the California Fire Assistance Agreement (CFAA) which includes but is not limited to processing the reimbursement of certain resources that are requested and utilized under the CFAA.


Reimbursement Contact Information

Lorenzo Gigliotti, Deputy Chief


Phone: (916) 845-8711 / FAX: (916) 845-8396


Lori Lopez, Emergency Services Coordinator

Reimbursement Lead

Phone: (916) 845-8722 / FAX: (916) 845-8396



​For all Reimbursement questions, please contact the appropriate individual listed below.

Fire Agencies whose name begins with A - M, contact:

Auburn Diede, Staff Services Analyst

Phone: (916) 845-8725 / FAX: (916) 845-8396


Fire Agencies whose name begins with N - Z, contact:

Nicole Stanich, Staff Services Analyst

Phone: (916) 845-8717 / FAX: (916) 845-8396


California Fire Assistance Agreement (CFAA)

The CFAA is the negotiated reimbursement mechanism for local government fire agency responses through the California Fire Service and Rescue Emergency Mutual Aid System. The terms and conditions that outline the methods of reimbursement calculation are defined in Exhibit A. Understanding the CFAA is recommended for developing business practices when responding under the Mutual Aid System. 



2017 CFAA Rate Letterhttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/2017 Rate Letter.pdf2017 CFAA Rate Letter2017 CFAA Rate Letter stating reimbursement rates under the terms and conditions of the 2017 CFAA - Effective June 1, 2017Reimbursement - CFAA6/2/2017 4:18:50 PM
2015 CFAA Agreement with 2016 Exhibitshttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2015 CFAA Agreement with Signatures.pdf2015 CFAA Agreement with 2016 Exhibits2015 CFAA Agreement with 2016 Exhibits. Signatures included - June 2016 Reimbursement - CFAA6/10/2016 4:30:03 PM
CalOES-2015 CFAA Changes Letter for 2016 CFAA FINALhttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2015 CFAA Changes Letter FINAL.pdfCalOES-2015 CFAA Changes Letter for 2016 CFAA FINALLetter outlining the changes between the 2015 CFAA Agreement and the 2016 updates - June 2016Reimbursement - CFAA6/13/2016 10:55:43 PM
2015 CFAA Critical Deadline Matrixhttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2015 CFAA Critical Date Matrix.pdf2015 CFAA Critical Deadline Matrix2015 CFAA Critical Deadline FlowchartReimbursement - CFAA4/8/2015 9:21:16 PM
2015 CFAA Reimbursement Timelineshttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2015 CFAA Reimbursement Timelines.pdf2015 CFAA Reimbursement Timelines2015 CFAA Reimbursement Timeline FlowchartReimbursement - CFAA4/8/2015 9:21:28 PM
2015 CFAA Relevant Changes Letterhttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2015 CFAA Relevant Changes Letter.pdf2015 CFAA Relevant Changes Letter2015 CFAA Letter documenting relevant changes to the 2015 CFAA Agreement - January 2015Reimbursement - CFAA4/17/2015 3:15:57 PM
2015 CFAA Workshop Flyerhttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2015 CFAA Workshop Flyer.pdf2015 CFAA Workshop FlyerFlyer showing the dates and times of the 2015 CFAA Rates and Reimbursement Workshop - February 2015 Reimbursement - CFAA4/17/2015 4:18:11 PM
2015 CFAA Workshop Presentationhttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2015 CFAA Workshop Presentation.pptx2015 CFAA Workshop PresentationPowerPoint file of the presentation that was given during the 2015 CFAA Rates and Reimbursement Workshop. Links within this presentation point to files on the Cal OES site - March 2015 Reimbursement - CFAA4/17/2015 4:36:25 PM
2015 Cal OES Sample Resolution #1http://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2015 Sample Resolution v1.pdf2015 Cal OES Sample Resolution #1Sample Resolution #1Reimbursement - CFAA4/8/2015 9:21:53 PM
2015 Cal OES Sample Resolution #2http://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2015 Sample Resolution v2.pdf2015 Cal OES Sample Resolution #2Sample Resolution #2Reimbursement - CFAA7/9/2015 10:29:59 PM
2017 CFAA Critical Deadline Matrixhttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2017 CFAA Critical Date Matrix.pdf2017 CFAA Critical Deadline Matrix2017 CFAA Critical Deadline FlowchartReimbursement - CFAA5/23/2017 11:05:30 PM


2015 California Fire Assistance Agreement (CFAA) Workshop

The CFAA Workshop shown in this video was held at Cal OES HQ in April 2015, and presented by Lori Lopez, E.S.C., Reimbursement Lead for the Cal OES Fire and Rescue Division.

The Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) presentation, along with all files referenced in this video, are available for download and can be found within the "Reimbursement - CFAA" documents section above. 

Salary Survey / Actual Administrative Rate

The salary survey can be updated any time throughout the year. Keep in mind that rates are effective the day our office receives them, and cannot be retroacted. Acceptable means of submission are by email, fax, or regular post office mail. Please review the instructions to understand allowed procedures for completing the survey. All fields are required. Incomplete salary surveys will be returned, and not accepted until completed. 

The salary survey has a new field for providing your department's administrative rate in lieu of the base rate of 10% to be applied to all departments beginning July 1, 2015. Below are the instructions, definitions, and the calculation form that can help you arrive at an appropriate rate.



2016 Actual Administrative Rate Instructionshttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2016 Actual Administrative Rate Instructions.pdf2016 Actual Administrative Rate InstructionsInstructions for calculating your Actual Administrative Rate - April 2016Reimbursement - Salary Survey / Admin Rate4/26/2016 3:32:08 PM
2016 Indirect Cost Rate Plan (ICRP) Definitionshttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2016 ICRP Program Definitions.pdf2016 Indirect Cost Rate Plan (ICRP) DefinitionsDocument stating the various cost elements used in the development of the ICRP used for developing administrative rates under the CFAA - April 2016Reimbursement - Salary Survey / Admin Rate4/26/2016 3:07:56 PM
2017 Cal OES Salary Survey Instructions (Valid until 2017 CFAA Negotiations)http://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2017 Salary Survey Instructions-WEB.pdf2017 Cal OES Salary Survey Instructions (Valid until 2017 CFAA Negotiations)Instructions for completing the 2017 Cal OES Salary Survey - (Valid until 2017 CFAA Negotiations)Reimbursement - Salary Survey / Admin Rate3/28/2017 4:50:58 PM
2017 Cal OES Attachment A (Non-Suppression Personnel) Valid until 2017 CFAA Negotiations - FILLABLEhttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2017_Attach_A-March2017.pdf2017 Cal OES Attachment A (Non-Suppression Personnel) Valid until 2017 CFAA Negotiations - FILLABLE2017 Cal OES Attachment A (Non-Suppression Personnel) for the Salary Survey / Actual Administrative Rate - (Valid until 2017 CFAA Negotiations) - FILLABLEReimbursement - Salary Survey / Admin Rate3/28/2017 4:39:32 PM
2017 Cal OES Attachment B (Supplemental Personnel) Valid until 2017 CFAA Negotiations - FILLABLEhttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2017_Attach_B-March2017.pdf2017 Cal OES Attachment B (Supplemental Personnel) Valid until 2017 CFAA Negotiations - FILLABLE2017 Cal OES Attachment B (Supplemental Personnel) for the 2017 Salary Survey / Actual Administrative Rate - (Valid until 2017 CFAA Negotiations) - FILLABLEReimbursement - Salary Survey / Admin Rate3/28/2017 4:50:12 PM
2017 Cal OES Salary Survey Instructions http://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2017_Salary20SurveyInstructions.pdf2017 Cal OES Salary Survey Instructions Instructions for completing the 2017 Cal OES Salary Survey Reimbursement - Salary Survey / Admin Rate6/2/2017 4:19:34 PM
2017 Cal OES Salary Survey / Admin Calculation Sheet - FILLABLEhttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2017_Salary_Survey-March2017.pdf2017 Cal OES Salary Survey / Admin Calculation Sheet - FILLABLE2017 Salary Survey / Actual Administrative RateReimbursement - Salary Survey / Admin Rate6/12/2017 10:37:18 PM

Cal OES Emergency Activity Record (OES F-42) Form

For information on how to request the new OES F-42 form, please contact your regional Cal OES Assistant Chief.

The PDF version of the OES F-42 form available for download is to be used for training purposes only and is not intended for official use.



Cal OES Emergency Activity Record (OES F-42) - WATERMARKED - FINALhttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/20160601-CalOES-F42-Emergency_Activity_Record-v.59-FINAL-WMARK.pdfCal OES Emergency Activity Record (OES F-42) - WATERMARKED - FINALCal OES Emergency Activity Record (OES F-42) Form. *** FINAL VERSION. THIS FORM IS INTENDED FOR TRAINING PURPOSES ONLY AND NOT FOR OFFICIAL USE *** June2016.59FINAL WATERMARKReimbursement - F428/22/2016 5:32:42 PM



Special Use Equipment Formula Spreadsheethttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/Special Use Equipment Formula Spreadsheet.xlsSpecial Use Equipment Formula SpreadsheetReimbursement - Special Use Equipment4/8/2015 9:28:53 PM

Current Apparatus, Support Equipment, & Volunteer Rates

The Rate Letter provides current set reimbursement rates for engines, water tenders, support vehicles, privately-owned vehicles, and base volunteer personnel rates. The rates are set by the California Fire Assistance Agreement (CFAA) Committee, and cannot be altered. The Rate Letter is effective on the date of the letter (publish date), and remains in effect until a new one is published. Only the most current Rate Letter is available on this site.

See "2015 CFAA Rate Letter" in the "Reimbursement - CFAA" section.

Fire Management Assistance Grant (FMAG)

 Fire Management Assistance is available to States, local and tribal governments, for the mitigation, management, and control of fires on publicly or privately owned forests or grasslands, which threaten such destruction as would constitute a major disaster. The Fire Management Assistance declaration process is initiated when a State submits a request for assistance to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Regional Director at the time a "threat of major disaster" exists. The entire process is accomplished on an expedited basis and a FEMA decision is rendered in a matter of hours.
The Fire Management Assistance Grant Program (FMAGP) provides a 75 percent Federal cost share and the State pays the remaining 25 percent for actual costs. Before a grant can be awarded, a State must demonstrate that total eligible costs for the declared fire meet or exceed either the individual fire cost threshold - which is applies to single fires, or the cumulative fire cost threshold, which recognizes numerous smaller fires burning throughout a State.
Eligible firefighting costs may include expenses for field camps; equipment use, repair and replacement; tools, materials and supplies; and mobilization and demobilization activities.
More information concerning the FMAG Program can be found on the FEMA FMAG web page:



Cal OES FMAG (ABC Form) FILLABLEhttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-FMAG_Initial_Request_ABC_Form-Sept2014v1-x.pdfCal OES FMAG (ABC Form) FILLABLECal OES Initial Request (ABC Form) for the Fire Management Assistance Grant. This is a fillable PDF form - September 2014Fire Operations/Fleet - FMAG8/17/2015 3:09:19 PM

Travel Expense Log

Under normal conditions, travel expenses that occur in California are not reimbursable per the CFAA. However, there are uncommon situations that arise, and an Incident Commander may approve certain travel costs associated with a mutual aid response. Any expenses submitted on a travel expense log must follow the procedures outlined in Exhibit "H" of the CFAA (link to the agreement is above). There are no exceptions to the documentation requirements in Exhibit "H".



2015 Cal OES Exhibit G (Out of State Reimbursement Policy)http://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2015 Exhibit G Out of State Reimb Policy.pdf2015 Cal OES Exhibit G (Out of State Reimbursement Policy)Reimbursement Policy and Procedures for Outside the State of California Assignments - January 2015Reimbursement - Travel4/8/2015 9:29:02 PM
2015 Cal OES Travel Expense Claim (Form F-142A) FILLABLEhttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2015 Travel Expense Claim F142A FILL.pdf2015 Cal OES Travel Expense Claim (Form F-142A) FILLABLE2015 Cal OES Travel Expense Claim Reimbursement Log (Form F-142A) FILLABLE - January 2015Reimbursement - Travel7/22/2015 10:59:12 PM
2015 Cal OES Travel Expense Claim (Form F-142A) NOFILLhttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2015 Travel Expense Claim F142A NOFILL.pdf2015 Cal OES Travel Expense Claim (Form F-142A) NOFILL2015 Cal OES Travel Expense Claim (Form F-142A) NON-FILLABLE VERSION - January 2015Reimbursement - Travel7/22/2015 11:06:59 PM
2016 Cal OES Exhibit H (In-State Travel Expenses)http://www.caloes.ca.gov/FireRescueSite/Documents/CalOES-2016 Exhibit H In-State Trvl Expense.pdf2016 Cal OES Exhibit H (In-State Travel Expenses)In-State Travel and Incident Related Expenses - May 2016Reimbursement - Travel9/15/2016 11:02:42 PM



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