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2017-18 Victim Service Training (KV) Program RFPThe purpose of the KV Program is to provide innovative training to victim service providers. Applicants must identify an existing training need.Sexual Assault Programs$800,000162
2017-18 Electronic Suspected Child Abuse Report System (ES) Program RFPThe purpose of the ES Program is to establish a database which allows for the sharing of electronic suspected child abuse reports among district attorney's offices, local law enforcement, and county child welfare departments. Applicants eligible to apply for the ES Program are county district attorney's offices.Children's Programsapproximately $750,000163
2017-18 Sexual Assault Law Enforcement Specialized Units (ST) Program RFAThe purpose of the ST Program is to support and enhance specialized units to provide a coordinated response to adolescent (age 11 and older) and adult victims of sexual assault. This will be accomplished through compassionate investigative interviewing, immediate victim advocacy, training for patrol officers/first responders, and the development/updating of effective protocols and practices that continue after the performance period has ended. Only the two (2) Subrecipients funded in 2016-17 are eligible to apply for 2017-18 funding. These two Subrecipients are: Fairfield Police Department and Stockton Police Department.Criminal Justice Programs$409,000164
2017-18 Innovative Response to Marginalized Victims (KI) Program RFPThe purpose of the KI Program is to support innovative programs that service victims or marginalized victims, prioritizing Subrecipients that focus on serving victims of gang violence or young male victims of color, refugee victims of crime.Human Trafficking Unit$306,666160
2017-18 Victims' Legal Resource Center (VR) Program RFAThe purpose of the VR Program is to provide funding for the California Victims’ Legal Resource Center to provide victim service centers with information regarding legal rights of crime victims, pursuant to the California Penal Code. University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law is the only eligible applicant.Human Trafficking Programs$337,000161


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