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On August 31, 2015, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. tasked Cal OES to establish the California Cyber Security Integration Center (Cal-CSIC), a central organization for the analysis and sharing of cyber threat information. The Cal-CSIC house multiple state and federal government partners to address real-time threats and vulnerabilities to California’s infrastructure. In April 2016, Cal OES stood up the Cal-CSIC alongside the State Threat Assessment Center (STAC), California’s information sharing clearinghouse of strategic threat analysis and situational awareness reporting. This co-location ensured immediate collaboration across the State Threat Assessment System (STAS) , California’s intelligence community.


Since April, Cal-CSIC representatives from Cal OES, the California Department of Technology, the California Military Department, and the California Highway Patrol are pooling resources to implement cyber vulnerability assessments and develop intuitive cyber threat alerts for the end-user. California receives a great deal of cyber threat information from other local, state, and national partners, but rarely receive a strategic look at the motivations behind these threats and the techniques to prevent, mitigate, or respond to them. The Cal-CSIC endeavors to provide useful information that will help protect California’s residents and infrastructure.


In July 2016, the Cal-CSIC hosted a Cyber Workshop where cybersecurity professionals from state government and the STAS met to discuss significant milestones in state cybersecurity, and identify solutions to enhance cyber intelligence and incident response capabilities.

Three primary goals stemmed from the workshop:
  • Collaborative development of a secure communications capability across STAS cyber elements.


  • The standardization of intelligence tools and information streams, guaranteeing continuity and regional situational awareness.


  •  An education and professional development program to promote lateral training and enhance cyber capabilities for each fusion center.


As nearly 95 percent of the nation’s entire critical infrastructure is owned and operated by private industry, partnerships with California’s private sector is critical to enhancing the cyber threat intelligence picture and state government’s ability to respond effectively to significant cyber incidents. The Cal-CSIC encourages private sector partnerships and hopes to foster a community of information sharing and mutual aid.

Furthermore, Cal-CSIC personnel are working to identify best and cost-effective technological solutions to augment the state’s cybersecurity mission and protect the privacy and civil liberties of California’s residents. The Cal-CSIC seeks to instill trust and confidence by promoting transparency of internal processes and protocols, and maintaining confidentiality and integrity while exchanging cybersecurity information with its partners.



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