Laws & Regulations

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​Laws and Regulations

Individuals should regularly refer to the Office of Administrative Law website for the latest updates, as these regulations regularly change.

​California Law

To view the text of the law governing the California Disaster Assistance Act,
go to the California Government Code website: ​

​Title 2, Division 1, Chapter 7.5 - California Disaster Assistance Act ​


​Article 1. General Provisions and Definitions


Article 2. Administration


​Article 3. Allocations to State Agencies


​Article 4. Allocations to Local Agencies


​Article 5. Funds


​Article 6. Nonprofit Organizations

​California Code of Regulations

To view the text of the regulations governing the California Disaster Assistance Act,
go to the website which provides free access to an unannotated
version of the California Code of Regulations: ​

​ ​

​Title 19, Division 2, Chapter 6, Article 1 - State Public Assistance Program




​Cost Eligibility


Contracting and Procurement​


​Emergency Work


​Debris Removal


​Emergency Protective Measures


​​​Permanent Work


​Streets, Roads and Bridges


​​Dykes, Levees and Flood Control Works


​Public Buildings




​Other Eligible Work


​Environmental Compliance


​Application Process


​Final Claim Process


​Fair Hearing Process

​​Title 19, Division 2, Chapter 6, Article 2​ - State Private Nonprofit Organizations Assistance Program​




​General Provisions for Eligible Private Nonprofit (PNP) Activities


​​PNP Applicant Eligibility


​Intermediary PNP Applicant Eligibility


​​PNP Activities Eligibility


​Intermediary PNP Activities Eligibilty


​PNP Cost Eligibility


​​Intermediary PNP Cost Eligibility


​PNP Application Process


​Intermediary PNP Application Process


​Fair Hearing Processes




​​Requirements for Records


​Intermediary PNP Application Process [Renumbered]


​Fair Hearing Processes [Renumbered]


​Audit [Renumbered]


​Retention Requirements for Records [Renumbered]


​Original Source Documentation [Renumbered



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