Cybersecurity Task Force

Cybersecurity Task Force


​To address the growing cyber threat to networks, personal privacy, and critical infrastructure, Governor "Jerry" Brown directed his Office of Emergency Services and the California Department of Technology​ to establish the California Cybersecurity Task Force. The California Cybersecurity Task Force is a statewide partnership comprised of key stakeholders, subject matter experts, and cybersecurity professionals from California's public sector, private industry, academia, and law enforcement. The Task Force serves as an advisory body to the State of California Senior Administration Officials in matters related to Cybersecurity. By fostering a culture of cybersecurity through education, information sharing, workforce development and economic growth, the Task Force hopes to advance the State's cybersecurity and position California as a national leader and preferred location for cyber business, education, and research.


To advance the State of California's cybersecurity and resilience


To enhance the security of California digital infrastructure and to create a culture of cybersecurity through collaboration, information sharing, and education and awareness 

​​Task Force Goals

  1. Identify, Acquire, and Establish Funding Mechanisms to Enhance California’s Cybersecurity Efforts

  2. ​Promote Actions, Including Legislative, Administrative, and Regulatory, Where Appropriate, to Enhance Cybersecurity in California

  3. Grow California’s Cybersecurity Workforce and Develop an Aware and Educated Public

  4. Facilitate Economic Development by Promoting a Cyber-safe California for Businesses and Consumers

  5. Enhance California Cyber Emergency Preparedness and Response

  6. Identify, Understand, and Share Cyber Threat Information

  7. Mitigate California’s Cyber Risk

  8. Build a Comprehensive Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigative Capability

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