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California Specialized Training Institute

Photo of CSTI's Ames HallEstablished in 1971, the California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI) has delivered highly acclaimed, much needed training to tens of thousands of students. CSTI delivers specialized training throughout California, offering more than a hundred course titles in the areas of emergency management, criminal justice and homeland security, hazardous materials, disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery, and crisis communications.

We deliver training to state and local government agencies, tribal organizations, businesses, non-profit organizations, and numerous other organizations. CSTI offers a variety of training for entry-level, mid-career, senior management, and executive level professionals.

CSTI can also develop custom training and exercises for your organization or jurisdiction. We have decades of experience working with organizations of all sizes, and we meet unique challenges with rich experience, expert staff, and a commitment to excellence in everything we do.


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