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California Specialized Training Institute

CSTI building Ames Hall

The California Specialized Training Institute offers multiple on-site training facilities. These facilities include classrooms, firing ranges, hazardous materials field training site, along with tactical training warehouses. These facilities can be available for private classes or groups if needed. Please view each individual facility listed on the right.

These facilities are located on a secure military post with adequate parking available. In addition Camp San Luis offers an on-site dining facility and billeting services for guests.

James Massey Tactical Live Fire Range

Man training with his weapon drawn and progressing forward, there is a saftey offier in red behind himThe Massey Range is a 10 acre live fire range. The targets can range from 10 yards to 500 yards and are a combination of paper targets, for close range, and steel targets, for longer ranges. This range is divided into 9 sections for training multiple teams in tactics simultaneously. The Massey range includes state of the art computer driven steel pop up targets to promote focus on accuracy and quick decision making in live fire situations. In addition, moving targets are also available for live fire use. The range allows for night shooting with only officer’s lights to simulate real life scenarios. Officers may use their on duty weapons, along with shotguns and patrol rifles.

Range instructor in a red shirt, talking to three students with the range behind him in the distance

Fox Trot Range

The Foxtrot Range includes different specialized tactical facilities. The Military Operations in Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) housing unit has four different facades and allows for vehicle appro​aches. The MOUT site allows for simulated force-on-force scenarios using Infrared (IR) firearms and equipment.. In addition, a sniper/rappelling tower is available for use in various scenarios. The sniper towers allows for live fire with radio controlled pop up targets at 900 meters.
Fox Trot Range at CSTI. Training towers and brown hills

Criminal Justice Tactical Training Facility​

This is a 10,000 square foot building, which has been dedicated to tactical training, utilizing Infrared (IR), Airsoft, Simunitions, or non-firing training weapons. The tactical training building includes many rooms which demonstrate as offices, residences, schools, or those that can be easily configured to specific training needs. The walls of the inside structure are portable, to allow for quick re-configuration of scenarios. Throughout the building there are catwalks above the training structures to allow a top view of the training scenario. These catwalks can be used for safety officers, observers or for video training purposes. The building is equipped with light and sound equipment that can be adjusted as needed. The lighting can feature full light scenarios and low light or no light scenarios in daytime hours, thus eliminating the need for night training. The sound equipment can adjust for loud values to allow for training during a distracted or disruptive environment. In addition, the tactical training building houses two complete court rooms, which can be used for mock trial procedures.

Court room.There is a podium in the center of the room and on each side there are tables with chairs.

Hazardous Materials Training Warehouse

 Three individuals sitting at a table with a haz cat kit infront of them. They are wearing personal protective equipment.

The Hazardous Materials Training Warehouse is equipped with classroom facilities, chemical storage, and staging of PPE equipment. Throughout Technician and Specialist certified training students will use this training classroom and PPE equipment in a controlled environment.

​Hazardous Materials Field Training Site


CSTI’s Hazardous Materials Field Training Site is equipped to demonstrate a variety of hazardous materials problems encountered in the field.

The site includes a rail car with five different rail domes plumbed with air, water and liquid nitrogen to simulate real leaks; a thirteen rail car derailment with functional leaks and a complex pipe tree room.

Other equipment available for training needs are multiple cylinders including: 150 lb and 1 ton containers plumbed with leaks, a variety of highway cargo tanks with leaks, an overturned MC 306 gasoline tanker, set up for stinger operations, intermediate size tanks found at fixed facilities and a wide variety of miscellaneous drums and cylinders.
The site also includes a technical reference room, pipe-tree room for simulated leaks, shaded field breakouts, and a fully functional classroom. Most importantly, this site allows for a wide variety of hazmat problems encountered in the field designed to leak at actual field pressures.

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