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Office safety course instructors in red vests, working with students and fire arms training

Officer Safety & Field Tactics Training Program

One of CalOES/CSTI’s most popular courses, the Officer Safety & Field Tactics program was the first of its kind and has drawn participants from throughout California and the nation for nearly 50 years. This course is specifically designed for experienced law enforcement patrol officers, field supervisors, and law enforcement in-service and academy instructors. Fire Fighters, assigned to arson and bomb investigations, who are required to be armed, will also find the curriculum important to their duties.

The course’s primary purpose is to enhance and reinforce the individual officer’s personal safety, tactical effectiveness, and operational skills. However, equal consideration is given to the protection and safety of the communities they serve. Participants are not only taught to accurately shoot a variety of duty-firearms, but, equally important, they are trained when and when not to use that firearm in a critical confrontation. The CalOES/CSTI Officer Safety course emphasizes the legal and ethical use of force, and teaches de-escalation tactics and techniques to lessen the necessity of using such force.

This course takes advantage of the multiple training facilities available at Camp San Luis Obispo. Combat firearms training ranges, a 10,000 square foot “tactical warehouse,” and a martial arts “fight house” are all facilities that are utilized in the training program. State-of-the-art infra-red “force-on-force” training equipment is employed to simulate dangerous and hazardous situations. Officers who have attended our courses have offered uniform praise and appreciation for the education and skills acquired.

The CalOES/CSTI Officer Safety and Field Tactics course is California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certified, uses California POST certified instructors, and qualifies for POST approved “perishable skills” training in arrest and control, tactical communications, and firearms.

"Terrorism" text in black on white wall like surfaceTerrorism Training Program

Homeland Security has emerged as a cornerstone of American national security since the horrific events of September 11, 2001, testing our ingenuity and our resources.

The threat emanating from foreign terrorist organizations, homegrown violent extremists, and domestic violent extremists is ever changing as actors seek out new and emerging technologies and tactics to circumvent law enforcement. We have seen this threat slowly and consistently evolve since 9/11. The terrorism threat today is as much a local threat as it is a national one. This evolution underscores the need for consistent and timely training for California’s public safety community.

CSTI remains at the forefront of the counterterrorism mission, and has been delivering timely and relevant terrorism education and training to California’s public safety community for over 40 years. Our courses are up-to-date and taught by the country’s leading experts in counterterrorism who come from all levels of government and disciplines, including military, law enforcement, the intelligence community, and private sector. Our courses incorporate the latest adult learning methods with thought-provoking classroom discussions on contemporary terrorism issues and practical applications and exercises.

CSTI courses are designed to provide a dynamic and sophisticated learning experience, aiming to keep public safety professionals prepared to counter today’s terrorism threat.

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Human Trafficking Training Program

Human trafficking is best described as the despicable exploitation of others for profit. This pernicious act decimates the lives of the trafficked, fracturing families, and is an act exploiting the victim’s body and labor as a renewable resource. Human trafficking is akin to slavery and persists in all areas of the world with a significant presence in California. Tied with illegal arms sales, human trafficking is commonly seen as the second largest criminal industry in the world and the fastest growing crime in the 21st century. All available data continues to indicate California leads the nation in the number tips and leads related to human trafficking.

Through CSTI, CalOES creates and provides a wide range of introductory to advanced human trafficking training for our California law enforcement and California’s emergency management and victim services partners. CSTI is uniquely position to leverage agency internal subject matter experts as well as expert practitioners in the field to build relevant and insightful curriculum helping our communities fight this form of modern day slavery.


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