EOC Position Credentialing Program

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​EOC Position Credentialing Program

California’s public, private, volunteer, and tribal emergency services personnel serve their communities with professionalism and dedication. The potential for communities to require disaster assistance has significantly increased. Cal OES’ EOC Position Credentialing Program promotes an enhanced level of readiness and response for day-to day emergencies and catastrophic disasters by ensuring qualified and competent staffing for Emergency Operations Centers.
The need for emergency services staff to deploy outside their jurisdiction has placed additional demands on emergency services systems. Existing mutual-aid systems must guarantee swift and successful support by deploying qualified emergency services personnel to any domestic emergency/disaster.

​A statewide EOC Position Credentialing Program provides Emergency Managers a way to identify measures for competency. Additionally, a statewide credentialing program documents professional qualifications, certifications, training, and education requirements that define basic criteria expected of emergency services personnel.

Cal OES’ EOC Position Credentialing Program verifies emergency service personnel qualifications and certifications. However, the program does not provide automatic access to EOCs. The process for requesting resources for certain EOC positions is accomplished through the SEMS resource request process.

Cal OES’ EOC Position Credentialing Program helps to promote elements of the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) and is designed to flow into the larger effort of the NIMS Guidelines for the Credentialing of Personnel. The NIMS Guidelines require states to initiate development of a State/Territory/Tribal system (that incorporates local jurisdictions) to credential emergency management/response personnel to ensure proper authorization and access to an incident including involving mutual aid agreements and/or assistance agreements (Guidance Document, November 21, 2008). By following the framework of the Federal Guidance, California’s program will facilitate a seamless transition into a national system.

Cal OES’ EOC Position Credentialing Program promotes effective and efficient personnel resource management, and enhances the level of professionalism and capabilities for emergency services personnel. The program also supports the EMMA/EMAC effort and meets SEMS/NIMS requirements. Cal OES’ EOC Position Credentialing Program’s net effect will reduce loss of life, and damage to the environment and property during an emergency/disaster.

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