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The California Regional ​Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) involves the location, rescue (extrication), and initial medical stabilization of victims trapped in confined spaces. Structural collapse is most often the cause of victims being trapped, but victims may also be trapped in transportation accidents, mines and collapsed trenches. Urban search and rescue is considered a "multi-hazard" discipline, as it may be needed for a variety of emergencies or disasters, including earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, storms and tornadoes, floods, dam failures, technological accidents, terrorist activities, mud slides, and hazardous materials releases. The events may be slow in developing, as in the case of hurricanes, or sudden, as in the case of earthquakes.

The California Regional Urban Search and Rescue Task Forces are teams of individuals comprised of firefighters, engineers, medical professionals, Haz Mat Technicians/Specialists, canine/handler teams and emergency managers with highly specialized training in urban search and rescue environments, and which serve as a resource for disaster response at local and state levels.

There are 12 California Regional Urban Search and Rescue Task Forces in the state of California. (Linked below)


California Regional US&R Contact Information

Larry Collins, Deputy Chief
Special Operations & Hazardous Materials Section
Phone: (916) 845-8751
Fax: (916) 845-8396

Regional US&R TF Locations
​CA-RTF-1 Marin
​CA-RTF-2 Los Angeles Area "E"
​CA-RTF-3 Long Beach

CA-RTF-4 Los Angeles Area "C"

 CA-RTF-4 is a California Regional Urban Search & Rescue Task Force based in Los Angeles, California and is sponsored by the Los Angeles Fire Department. CA-RTF-4 was established ???? and is (specialty???)

CA-RTF-5 Fresno City

​CA-RTF-6 San Bernardino County Fire
​CA-RTF-7 Ventura
​CA-RTF-8 Los Angeles County
​CA-RTF-9 Los Angeles City
​CA-RTF-10 Orange County
​CA-RTF-11 Bakersfield
​CA-RTF-12 Santa Barbara

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