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2021-22 Law Enforcement Specialized Units (LE) Program RFPThe purpose of the LE Program is to create or enhance specialized units to provide a coordinated response to victims of domestic violence and their children. This will be accomplished through investigation of incidents, immediate victim advocacy, training for patrol officers/first responders, and the development of effective protocols and practices that will continue after the Grant Subaward performance cycle has ended.Criminal Justice Programs$1,422,000474
2021-22 Violence Against Women Vertical Prosecution (VV) Program RFAThe purpose of the VV Program is to improve the criminal justice system’s response to violent crimes against women through a coordinated, multi-disciplinary, prosecutorial response including specialized units with a highly qualified prosecutor and victim advocate.Victim Witness Programs$2,025,450470
2021-22 Domestic Violence American Rescue Plan (RP) Program RFPThe purpose of the RP Program is to ensure the continuity of domestic violence services and/or response to COVID-19 by providing funding for non-shelter supportive services and/or prevention activities.Domestic Violence Programs$2,162,803475
2021-22 County Victim Services (XC) Program RFAThe purpose of the XC Program is to provide federal Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) funding to counties across California, and to the City of Los Angeles, to help each fill victim service gaps/needs.Criminal Justice Programs$17,837,050454
2021-22 Crisis Response Training (CR) Program RFAThe purpose of the CR Program is the implementation of comprehensive crisis response training and technical assistance to local Victim Witness Assistance (VW) Programs and multi-disciplinary teams to establish response readiness to mass victimization crimes.Victim/Witness Programs$275,000473



VSPS Branch Federal Fund Information Guide Branch Federal Fund Information Guide.docxVSPS Branch Federal Fund Information GuideRequest for Proposal (RFP) Process/Overview10/16/2019 11:28:08 PM
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