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PDAT Training 11/2/20 Training 11/2/20PDAT Training for DR-456911/3/2020 6:00:00 PM11/3/2020 7:00:00 PMVirtual Training via Adobe Connect<p>​<a href="" target="_blank">FEMA PDAT Training 11/2/2020</a></p><p> <a href="">FEMA PDAT Website for additional information</a><br>Conference Line: 1-800-320-4330<br>Access Pin for participants: 428092#</p><p><br>The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides financial assistance to states, territories, tribes, local governments, nonprofits, institutions of higher education, and other non-Federal entities. All FEMA grant programs are subject to the Federal procurement standards found at 2 C.F.R. §§ 200.317 – 200.326. <br>This 1-hour training will help participants understand how to properly contract during emergency or exigent circumstances when using federal funds. <br>Target Audience: <br>State, local, and tribal emergency management personnel, houses of worship, and private nonprofit entities; Public Assistance applicants. <br>Topics include: <br>Sole sourcing under Emergency or Exigency (E&E); additional procurement under grant requirements under E&E; use of pre-existing contracts during E&E.<br>Delivery Format: <br>Online training trough Adobe Connect. </p><p> </p>{75CE922D-B616-4AE5-B934-F43BAE47B474}GP0|#5c2352b6-fb4e-475d-8d45-1bce5e618ade;L0|#05c2352b6-fb4e-475d-8d45-1bce5e618ade|Recovery;GTSet|#35129ea4-2b69-4523-92bc-aa23dc2aa4fb0x0100E06C2D919CFD734A97280E79E87DD00B01030200711E995CF7C006488B227BA0DE289FD330


  • Procurement Under FEMA Awards: Requirements for Recipients and Subrecipients When Procuring Services and Supplies with Funding under Stafford Act Grant Programs.


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